Akathist Hymn
DVD Vol.2

The Akathist Hymn is dedicated to Virgin Mary and the celebration of this hymn has a special situation in the place of Orthodox Church. The Akathist Hymn is chanted by all the orthodox churches for 17 days before Easter.
In this DVD takes place all the ceremony, live from the impressive and exquisite church of St. Panteleimon of Athens, Greece.

The hymns are chanted by the many members, mixed (men- women) Byzantine chorus of the church by the directorship of the first chanter of the church, Mr. Constantine Zorbas. Also participate four of the most sweet-voiced priest of Athens.

All the texts of the Akathist Hymn are written in 4 languages (Greek, English, French and German). The subtitles of the DVD are written in 13 languages, which means, in:

  1. Greek, 2. English, 3. French, 4. German, 5. Italian, 6. Spanish, 7. Russian, 8. Serbian, 9. Romanian, 10. Bulgarian, 11. Arabian, 12. Japanese, 13. Chinese.

The duration of the DVD is 135.